Military Roll Mat - Olive Green


These waterproof and lightweight roll mats are a great value 3 season military style sleeping mat and offers excellent heat insulation by XPE closed cell foam. Size 180 x 50 x 0.8cm and weighs just 200 grams, this subdued Olive Green mat is perfect for military use, Camping, Hiking, Fishing or even in the Gym or other sporting activities

• Waterproof 

• Lightweight
• Offers excellent heat insulation provided by XPE closed cell foam
• Subdued olive green colour scheme makes this mat perfect for military training activities
• Size: 180 x 50 x 0.8cm
• Weight: 200g
• Colour: olive green
• Ideal for backpacking, hiking, camping and fishing and also suitable for gym and other sporting activities

Military Roll Mat - Olive Green



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