RANGE Beanie® is a cap based in its design with the famous USMC Beanie cap. Made of light, airy and at the same time warm fleece type Grid Fleece. The dimensions are tailored to work perfectly with hearing protectors. On the front and so much of the cap there are panels made of soft velcro velcro allowing for personalization. On the top of the cap there is also a small velor velor intended for IFF markings. In addition, at the back of the cap there is a small pocket closed with a small zip that allows you to transfer spare earplugs or other small items. At the back, under the Velcro, a loop of rope was sewn on, allowing to hang an unused carabiner cap. Thanks to the small size of the cap, we can always have it with you in the pouch.


  • Made of light grid fleece fleece
  • Velor Velcro panels on the front and so much caps for easy personalization
  • A small Velor Velcro panel at the top of the IFF hat
  • A small pocket on the back of the hat for spare earplugs or other small items
  • Loop from the rope at the back of the cap to hang on the carabiner

Helikon-Tex Range Beanie Hat - Olive Green



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