CPU® (Combat Patrol Uniform®) trousers refer to the Polish Armed Forces uniform design from 2010. The main assumption while creating the CPU® pants was to ensure high ergonomics and usability. The cut corresponds to human anatomy without limiting the range of user's movement. A set of capacious pockets allows you to carry essential equipment. Wide thigh buckets with an elastic welt, are suitable for use as a drop bag for empty magazines. Small pockets on the front are used to store a flashlight, folding knife or spare magazine. The calf pockets have a personal dressing or AR magazine, which is easy to reach while sitting in the vehicle. CPU® pants are offered in a wide range of colors and camouflage. The CPU® series belongs to one of the most frequently purchased lines from the company's offer.


  • Adjustable belt
  • Strengthened step and buttocks
  • Loops for carabiners or D-Rings
  • Two classic front pockets
  • Two small recessed pockets on the front of the trousers
  • Back pockets fastened with flaps fastened with buttons
  • Two thigh pockets with velcro flaps, button and welt
  • Two pockets on calves with velcro flaps
  • Reinforcements on knees with pockets for soft protectors (Low Profile Protective Pads)
  • Strippers in the legs
  • Button fly

Helikon-Tex CPU Trousers - Flecktarn

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