Designed in cooperation with shooting experts, ALL ROUND FIT TACTICAL GLOVES gloves are the perfect choice for anyone who appreciates comfort and a secure grip. Gloves were created so as to guarantee a perfect feel of the trigger, and at the same time, thanks to the appropriate selection of materials, provide breathability and comfort of use. The implementation of the interior of the hand made of synthetic leather will ensure long-term use. The elastic cuff of the gloves is without fastening, which allows you to quickly put on and take off your gloves, and even wear them with a large watch. A microfibre piece is sewn along the thumb which can be used to rub glasses or wipe sweat from the forehead.


  • Flexible cuff
  • Microfiber along the thumb
  • The top of the hand made of breathable fabrics
  • Hand's interior made of non-slip, durable synthetic leather
  • Lightweight design

Helikon-Tex All-Round Fit Tactical Gloves - Coyote / Adaptive Green

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