The HX4 LED C.O.B. Cliplight is the ideal dual color everyday carry light. By combining red and white LEDs, the HX4 LED Cliplight is excellent when you need bright illumination or need to use it in situations where you need to preserve your night vision. The universal clip on the light makes it easy to clip on pockets or even the bill of your hat, while the integrated magnets allow the HX4 to be placed on magnetic surfaces. Once placed or clipped to a surface, the light features a 180-degree beam adjustment and enable the optimal beam placement for the user.


With Coast’s commitment to quality, the HX4 Flashlight is impact resistant, weather resistant and its LED is virtually unbreakable. The HX4 Flashlight is backed by Coast’s lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Tested and rated to ANSI/FL1 standards.



Get brilliant light tailored for specialized formats and use cases. COAST lights featuring Chip on Board (C.O.B.) technology cast a wide beam handy for up-close work—from a strip of LEDs built right onto the chassis, without a standard optic.



The right light for the moment. The Dual-Color White & Red Beam combines an all-white Utility Beam for general use with a red, anti-glare beam that prevents “night blinding” while also offering a tool for emergency signaling.



Go hands-free with your light. The Magnetic Tail Cap integrates a high-powered magnet into the butt end of your light so that you can attach the light to a magnetic surface and keep using the light without holding it.



The same light every time. Keeping it simple with COAST single-mode lighting means you can rely on an even, bright white beam every time.



Store it away or shine it forward. The Two-Way Clip enables gives you flexibility to stash the light in your pocket or clip it to the brim of your hat.



Don’t worry about the weather. COAST lights that have passed the IPX4-level water resistance test are splash-resistant and built with durable materials that stand up to nature.


  • BATTERY TYPE     2 x AAA (Alkaline)

  • BEAM DISTANCE (HIGH)     42 ft / 13 m

  • INCLUDED     2 x AAA Batteries

  • LIGHT OUTPUT (HIGH)     80 Lumens

  • RUNTIME (HIGH)     3 h 45 min

  • WEIGHT     1.8 oz / 53 g


Coast Dual-Colour W/R C.O.B. Cliplight - 80 Lumens (HX4)

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