Lightweight, Breathable Combat Boot in UK MOD Spec Brown – Multi Cam / MTP Compatible.

The Warrior Microlite is Altberg’s best selling lightweight combat boot.  The boot is Cambrelle® lined – non waterproof, ultra breathable, with excellent drying out properties.

The Warrior is now available in the new colour UK MOD Spec Brown, which is fully compatible with multi-cam/MTP camouflage clothing. 

The big advantage of Cambrelle lined boots is that they are much cooler in summer conditions, and in very wet conditions, where it is inevitable that water will enter the boot, they can be worn with waterproof socks (Sealskinz Merino Wool) – once off the foot, the Warrior Microlite will dry out so that it is damp (rather than wet).

Many soldiers find that a significant drawback with boots that have a waterproof liner (e.g. Sympatex, or Gore-Tex) is that, once wet inside, they remain much wetter, and heavier, for longer.

Altberg Warrior Microliite Military Combat Boot - MOD Brown

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